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Tips for taking your toddler skiing

Adjust your expectations and be realistic with your goals. A little bit of improvement for your toddler is actually a really huge accomplishment for them! They have a short attention span, they lack coordination and balance, and, remember, that their ski boots are super heavy for their little bodies! They are built top heavy and don’t have the ability to flex their ankles the same way us adults do. Remember to not expect them to ski like we do. Here are a few pointers:

1) Don’t put your toddler on skis if he/she cannot walk or balance yet

2) Enjoy a lot of snow play and have them just slide around in the snow

3) Introduce movements in ski boots first, then on one ski, and then on both skis

4) Have them imitate you and play games like follow the leader or Simon Says

5) Give them simple direction, lots of love, and lots of play time

If they last an hour that’s awesome! It will be exhausting for their little bodies to play in the snow in ski boots for that long, and they will likely want some hot cocoa and s'mores after playing in the snow for that long anyhow

Just have fun out there and play a lot!

Jen Bookman is a certified ski instructor with Park City Mountain Resort.

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