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About Me

Hi, I'm Jen Bookman and this is my family. My three boys learned how to ski on family vacations in ski school at Cranmore Mountain Resort in New Hampshire and at Bromley Mountain in Vermont. At the time, we lived on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We then became the crazy parents who drove 4 hours every Friday and Sunday so that we could ski at Burke Mountain in Vermont. While there, my boys raced for the weekend BMA team and just loved, loved loved, skiing! As a result of all of their ski lessons and training, my boys are now excellent skiers and my husband and I had no choice but to become better skiers in order to keep up with them. It has been very rewarding to me to learn how to adapt to different snow/weather/mountain conditions and to learn how to become a more versatile skier.

I actually grew up in Toronto, Canada. I learned how to ski on what we call pimples, especially when comparing those Ontario mountains to PCMR. I clearly remember going on my first family ski trip to Whistler-Blackcomb and being terrified! I have three brothers who were fearless and who only wanted to ski the trees and tuck on the blacks and shred down the moguls. I also have vivid memories of going on school trips and trying to get down the mogul runs just to keep up with all the boys in my class. Because, well, I was always and still am a believer that girls can do anything that boys can do. 

My point to these stories is that I know what it's like to be a timid skier as well as a skier who lacks good form. But, now that I've skied for many years consistently, partaken in numerous Park City instructor clinics as well as having gotten certified as a nationally recognized instructor, I also really do now love being adventurous and exploring the mountain. In fact, mogul runs are now even my favorite and I love ripping it up with my boys! 

I spent the earlier part of my career as a project manager in advertising and marketing, focusing on relationship marketing. For the past fifteen years I have worked in non-profits, running boards, doing outreach, being a marketing consultant and working with education and young families. I have also been teaching. During this time, I have strived to demonstrate that I can be a leader, can be engaged, can take risks and can seek personal meaning in my community, my home, & in my work. I care strongly that we should all think for ourselves even if it means not taking the easiest path, pushing the envelope and offering outside the box solutions. I also strongly believe that the most successful accomplishments in life happen as a result of good working relationships including strong communication, transparency, and a commitment and desire by both parties to want to keep the relationship healthy and strong. Relationships take work, passion, commitment and require constant attention in order to be nurtured and to grow. It is our responsibility to continue to improve ourselves, our knowledge, our businesses, and our relationships. I feel like this sentiment totally applies to my relationship with the mountain as well :) Life is all about effort and about showing up. So let's show up on the mountain and have an experience of a lifetime together!

 Spending family time outdoors skiing with my family has brought me such joy and I just want to pass this feeling forward. My family and I have had so many great family skiing memories together, and I can only wish that for all of you as well! Cheers to powder and to making new fun-filled memories!

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